������ҳ > Ӣ�� > ����Ӣ�� > �ƿ��� > Ӣ���ƿ��� Tongue twisters

A Finnish fisher named Fisher failed to fish any fish one Friday afternoon and finally he found out a big fissure in his fishing-net.

1. Finnish:������
2. fissure:�ѷ�

Where is the watch I put in my pocket to take to the shop because it had stopped?

Bob bought a big bag of buns to bait the bears' babies.

1. bun:СԲ���
2. bait:�������Ū

A snow-white swan swiftly to catch a slowly-swimming snake in a lake.

1. swan:���
2. swiftly:Ѹ�ٵأ���ݵ�

Mr. Cook said to a cook: "Look at this cook-book. It's very good." So the cook took the advice of Mr. Cook and bought the book.
A writer named Wright was instructing his little son how to write Wright right. He said: "It is not right to write Wright as 'rite'---try to write Wright aright!"
1. rite:��ʽ������
2. aright:��ȷ��

Bill's big brother is building a beautiful building between two big brick blocks.
1. block:��¥������

A flea and a fly were trapped in a flue, and they tried to flee for their life. The flea said to the fly "Let's flee!" and the fly said to the flea "Let's fly!" Finally both the flea and fly managed to flee through a flaw in the flue.
1. flea:����
2. trap:�����壻�ղ�
3. flue:��Ͳ��ͨ����
4. flee:����
5. flaw:�Ѻۣ��ѷ�

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper prepared by his parents and put them in a big paper plate.
1. a peck of :��࣬������
2. pickled:���Ƶ�
3. pepper:����

If a shipshape ship shop stocks six shipshape shop-soiled ships, how many shipshape shop-soiled ships would six shipshape ship shops stock?
1. shipshape:����������
2. stock:���У���Ӧ
3. shop-soiled:���̵�ž��˵�

A monk's monkey mounted
a monastery wall
munching mashed melon
nd melted macaroni.



A tall eastern girl named Short long loved a big Mr. Little. But Little, thinking little of Short, loved a little lass named Long. To belittle Long. Short announced She would marry Little before long. This caused Little shortly to marry Long. To make a long story short, did tall Short love big Little less because Little loved little Long more?



You sent me your bill, Berry,
Before it was due, Berry;
Your father, the elder Berry,
Isn't such a goose, Berry.

����У԰�龰�Ự 15
����У԰�龰�Ự 14
����У԰�龰�Ự 13
����У԰�龰�Ự 12