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--Charles Dickens/���˹.�Ҹ�˹

The pure.the bright,the beautiful, һ�д����,�Ի͵�,������,

That stirred our hearts in youth, ǿ�ҵ�������������������,

The impulses to wordless prayer, �ƶ������������Եĵ����,

The dreams of love and truth; �������������������;

The longing after something's lost, ��ʧȥ��Ϊ֮�е���ϧ��,

The spirit's yearning cry, ʹ������еغ���ŵ�,

The striving after better hopes- Ϊ�˸����õ�������ܶ��ŵ�-

These things can never die. ��Щ���ò������š�

The timid hand stretched forth to aid ���ӵ����Ԯ�����֣�

A brother in his need, ����ĵ�����Ҫ��ʱ��

A kindly word in grief's dark hour ���������ѵ�ʱ��һ�����еĻ�

That proves a friend indeed ; ������֤�����ѵ����ģ�

The plea for mercy softly breathed, ����������������

When justice threatens nigh, �������ٽ���ʱ��

The sorrow of a contrite heart- �ûڵ�����һ���˸�--

These things shall never die. ��Щ���ò������š�

Let nothing pass for every hand ���˼䴫������

Must find some work to do ; �������ܵ�ȥ����

Lose not a chance to waken love- ���ʧȥ�˻��Ѱ�������-----

Be firm,and just ,and true; Ϊ��Ҫ�ᶨ����ֱ���ҳϣ�

So shall a light that cannot fade ����Ϸ���ҫ������ǵ���â

Beam on thee from on high. �Ͳ�����ʧ��

And angel voices say to thee---�㽫������ʹ��������˵-----

These things shall never die. ��Щ���ò������š�

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