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LAST autumn my parents were studying in Canada, and brought me over with them.

It was soon my birthday. Then came Halloween (��ʥ��ǰϦ). Once I asked Mum why there was Halloween. She told me a lot about ghosts (��). I couldn't remember it all. I just remember that many children put on interesting clothes on that day. They go from door to door and ask for sweets (�ǹ�).

Sheng An in Canada last winter

"Sweets are like good words for the dead (��ȥ��)," Mum told me. "The more the better. They can help the dead go to a better place."

One day before Halloween, Mum bought me witches' (Ů�׵�) clothes. They were black, with a hat.

Dressing up

The next day, at about 6:30 pm, I went out with my parents.

It was dark. Many people got together around a house. They were asking for sweets. Lots of children were dressed in different clothes.

I pushed in and reached out my hand. I got some.

"Wow! There's nothing hard about this," I thought.

I was so happy when I looked at the colourful sweets. But there were so few.

Some kids had left the house and started to ask for sweets door to door.

I decided to go with them. I wanted more.

I was a little afraid at first. But the people at each house were very kind. They gave me lots of sweets.

After some time I had enough. I started to look around to see what Canadians do at Halloween.

The houses were so different! Some were made very scary (���µ�). There were life-like skeletons (����) on the fences. There were graves (��Ĺ) in the gardens. Bat-like (�������) clothes flew in the wind. But some weren't so scary.

When I went home that day, I found out my sweets could fill a whole big box!

"The sweets could last through the year!" I thought, and they did.

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