������ҳ > Ӣ�� > VOA����֮�� > ����ϰ�����イ����
214. ��214����in short order; get the short end of the stick
213. ��213����short and sweet; the long and short of it
212. ��212����over the long haul; long shot
211. ��211����stonewall; off the wall
210. ��210����climb teh wall; drive sb. up the wall
209. ��209����wall-to-wall; wallflower
208. ��208����put your money where your mouth is...
207. ��207����motor mouth; foot in mouth disease
206. ��206����take a walk; walk on eggshells
205. ��205����walk on air; walk the floor
204. ��204����bad-mouth; shoot sb. mouth off
203. ��203����close the books; cook the books
202. ��202����one for the book; know sb. like a book
201. ��201����Sunday best; Sunday driver
200. ��200����honeymoon; moonlight
199. ��199����cut out for/cut out to be; cut-up
198. ��198����cut a deal; cut corners
197. ��197����the works; in the works
196. ��196����workaholic; grunt work
195. ��195����on thin ice; thin-skinned
194. ��194����fat cat; fat chance
193. ��193����fat farm; chew fat
192. ��192����hat in hand; wear two hats...
191. ��191����pass the hat; take one's hat off
190. ��190����at the drop of a hat...
189. ��189����stand tall; stand-out
188. ��188����stand sb. up; a stand-in
187. ��187����make tracks; wrong side of the tracks
186. ��186����bean counters; spill the beans
185. ��185����full of beans; not worth a hill of beans
>> ��ҳ ��ҳ ǰҳ ��ҳ βҳ ҳ�Σ�1/8 ҳ 30 ����¼/ҳ ת�� ҳ �� 214 ����¼