��ķ·�������ռ�    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer��(����)
      ���ߣ����·����       by Mark Twain
    ս�����ƽ     War And Peace
      ���ߣ��з�·�ж�˹̩       by Leo Tolstoy
    ��������     Les Miserables
      ���ߣ�ά�˶�·���       by Victor Hugo
    ˫�Ǽ�     A Tale of Two Cities
      ���ߣ����˹·�Ҹ�˹       by Charles Dickens
    ��·��     Jane Eyre
      ���ߣ�������·������       by Charlotte Bronte
    ��Хɽׯ     Wuthering Heights
      ���ߣ�������·������       by Emily Bronte
    ������ƫ��     Pride And prejudice
      ���ߣ���·��˹͡      by Jane Austen
    Tess of the D'Urbervilles
      ���ߣ�����˹·����      by Thomas Hardy
    ����ɽ����     The Count of Monte Cristo
      ���ߣ�������       by Alexandre Dumas Pere
    �軨Ů     La Dame aux camélias (Camille)
      ���ߣ�С����       by Alexandre Dumas fils
    ����˿�����澳��     Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
      ���ߣ�����˹·�����       by Lewis Carroll
    ³��ѷƮ����     Robison Crusoe
      ���ߣ������·�Ѹ�      by Daniel Defoe
    ���˱���·�����ռ�     The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
      ���ߣ����·����       by Mark Twain
    ��������     Sister Carrie
      ���ߣ����¶�·������       by Theodore Dreiser
    ����     Nana
      ���ߣ�����        by  Emile Zola
    ���·����     Martin Eden
     ���ߣ��ܿˡ��׶�        by  Jack London
    ����     The Scarlet Letter
      ���ߣ���ɣ       by Nathaniel Hawthorne
    ��̫�����˵�����     Lady Chatterley's Lover
      ���ߣ�D·H·����˹       by D·H·Lawrence
    ����     Treasure Island
      ���ߣ��޲��ء�·��˹��ʷ����ɭ       by Robert Louis Stevenson
    ��ʮ�컷�ε���     Around the World In 80 Days
      ���ߣ�����·������       by Jules Verne
    ������˹     Ulysses
      ���ߣ�����˹       by James Joyce